PiCirql - Sample Lessons
  • Grade 6

    Introduction to Geometry

    Ever wonder who came up with Geometry and why it’s so important? Check out our awesome introduction to geometry and find out!
  • Grade 7

    Pythagoras’ Theorem

    Have a look at our introduction to the world’s MOST FAMOUS math theorem!
  • Grade 8

    Direct Variations

    Let’s relate direct variations to real life and learn a pretty cool concept with this awesome video!
  • Grade 9

    Surface Areas of Spheres

    Why is EVERYTHING from a star to the planets to a water droplet shaped like a sphere? Watch this video and find out how we relate formulae to science!
  • Grade 10

    An introduction to Sequences and Series

    Put the topic into real life context with this video!
  • Grade 11

    An introduction to Complex Numbers

    Simplify the idea of complex numbers with this video!
  • Grade 12

    Differentiability Visualized

    Get ready for calculus with this awesome visualization of differentiability!