Our Products
(Subscriptions valid till March 31st, 2019)
Customized Help (Mobile Only)
Customized solutions on demand through WhatsApp
USD 200
Compete & Benchmark
Clash of Pi
Participation in monthly qualifier rounds of the national mathematics contest, including eligibility to the final round
USD 20
Mock Tests
3 mock tests simulating the Clash of Pi experience (no solutions)
Question Bank
Access to questions that appeared in past Clash of Pi rounds, with solutions.
USD 15
Analytics/ Benchmarks
Detailed question-level analysis with solutions. Benchmark your performance vis-a-vis students in your school as well as the country.
USD 15
Learn & Practice
Video Lessons
High quality video lessons for each topic created by math experts. Incorporates real-life scenarios and applications providing conceptual clarity through visual learning
USD 25
Adaptive practice with level-based tasks in a gamified format. Progress from novice to ninja at your own pace.
USD 25
Daily Pi
One question per day, with a day off for review. This comes with solutions and detailed analytics.
Task Solutions
All tasks are equipped with detailed solutions, giving students the ability to analyze their mistakes and learn
USD 15