PiCirql - Practice

Power of compounding

This forms a core pillar of the piCirql math learning experience. The only way to master mathematical concepts is through consistent effort and practice. It’s no different from sport, or music or art. The more you do, the better the results.

Nuanced questions repository

Giving students access to hundreds of thousands of solved questions, learners get support with problem solving with instantaneous solutions. Questions are categorized by their level of difficulty, so students can challenge themselves to higher order problems within a topic.

Practice makes perfect

Solving hundreds of questions gives students the ability to pin-point areas of doubt, fine-tune their conceptual understanding and develop crucial test-taking skills. piCirql has revolutionized math learning using technology as a key enabler in problem solving. A comprehensive and finely tuned methodology that encourages students to work consistently towards perfection. piCirql Tasks are formulated as a goal-oriented mechanism with a complete feedback loop, giving students structured progression via practice in modules of their choice.

piCirql Tasks - Novice to Ninja in 5 Simple Steps