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World’s most comprehensive after-school mathematics learning platform

Helping you get a GRIP on Math

Grasp Concepts

Flipped classroom with 1000+ math learning videos – Visual learning that breaks down extensive math content into byte-sized learning modules, to deliver impactful conceptual understanding

Reinforce with practice

500,000+ practice questions with solutions – Extensive repository of problems, that provides unlimited access to questions that appear in IB, IGCSE and CBSE exams.

Interact with peers

Curriculum aligned content – Choose from IB(HL&SL), IGCSE (Advanced, Intermediate & Extended) and CBSE boards, and get a comprehensive mathematics package tailored to your requirements

Perfect your skills

Benchmarks and weekly evaluation reports – Receive weekly performance reports and detailed analysis of your progress. See where you stand vis-a-vis your peers.

What is the πcirql approach?

piCirql Math has been developed by math practitioners and experts, in direct consultation with school principals and mathematics teachers from leading schools around the world.


Byte sized learning modules: We break down complex mathematical ideas into simple and easy-to-understand concepts, making math less abstract and more intuitive.

First principles thinking: Moving away from a formula-centric approach, piCirql focuses on ‘first principles thinking’ to arrive at even the most intricate problem solving techniques. Students who learn to apply ‘first principles’ are better equipped to handle complex mathematical computations, and apply their learning to higher order mathematical operations.

GRIP methodology: Following a carefully conceived GRIP methodology formulated with inputs from academia, practitioners and students, piCirql delivers the entire gamut of necessary inputs for learners to achieve excellence in mathematics. GRIP encapsulates four key criteria for effective learning.

Highly structured learning modules developed and fine-tuned via thousands of students interactions, are combined with rigorous and extensive practice questions that test students’ comprehension of a topic. Detailed solutions add an extra dimension of learning so that users are not left to their own devices when faced with roadblocks in problem solving.


Practice makes perfect: This forms a core pillar of the piCirql math learning experience. The only way to master mathematical concepts is through consistent effort and practice. It’s no different from sport, or music or art. The more you do, the better the results.

Power of compounding: Solving hundreds of questions gives students the ability to pin-point areas of doubt, fine-tune their conceptual understanding and develop crucial test-taking skills. piCirql has revolutionized math learning using technology as a key enabler in problem solving.

Nuanced questions’ repository: Giving students access to hundreds of thousands of solved questions, learners get real-time support with problem solving with instantaneous solutions. Questions are categorized by their level of difficulty, so students can challenge themselves to higher order problems within a topic. Our database of questions gives students ample practice with every conceivable question type covered. The dynamically growing question bank is constantly updated with new questions, keeping it contemporary and challenging at all times!


At piCirql, benchmarking is a key metric. Peer comparisons are an important way to determine progress.

Testing for feedback: The purpose of a test is to provide crucial feedback so that learners can identify areas of strength and weakness.

Performing under time constraints: It is well documented that students underperform under time constraints. piCirql has turned test-taking on its head, allowing students to develop these skills early on and removing the pain points that emanate from too-little time spent on mathematics.

Tackling math anxiety: With minimal practice with test-taking, students feel the heat of exam pressure. Valuable insights about not just individual performance, but also relative outcomes against a peer group drives competition and motivates learners to aim higher.

Raising the math quotient: Better results are simply an outcome of a framework that brings out the best in every student. piCirql raises the math quotient so that learners understand math concepts in a way that is lasting and applicable beyond the classroom.

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