Behind The Scenes

πcirql was created for the sole purpose of promoting a passion for math among learners. When was the last time you were great at something you didn’t enjoy doing? We believe that math excellence (and in fact, excellence of any kind) can only be achieved through passion, commitment and persistence.

Math learners should not be constrained by the dictates of boards, curriculum or even access to teachers. Technology can be harnessed to provide best-in-class math education to all. πcirql provides top-notch math education in a simple, structured and fun manner so that math is learned not just as a subject in school but as a skill for life!

Our Founding Team

Sudharsan is an electrical engineer from IIT Madras with an MBA degree from IIM Calcutta and a Masters in Mathematical Finance from Columbia University. His previous career involved trading financial derivatives in Europe and Hong Kong for some of the world’s biggest investment banks.

Mridula has a bachelors degree in economic from Stella Maris College, Madras and a joint masters degree in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University, Boston. She has been a financial writer for a leading Asian financial magazine based in Hong Kong.

Team of Advisors

Our advisory team includes experts and professionals from some of the world’s best educational institutions who share our vision for quality math education. In addition to being highly skilled in their areas of expertise, they are also practitioners with several years’ experience applying complex math in the real world. They believe that the importance of STEM studies in a world where technology is increasingly pervasive is obvious and well documented. A solid grounding in “M” enables the S, T and E. Learning math well opens up a world of possibilities for careers and beyond.

Arnaud has been a quantitative trader in the financial markets of Paris and Hong Kong. He was managing director for both Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he oversaw their trading division until June 2016. Arnaud studied mathematics and physics at Lycee Sainte Genevieve in Versailles and holds a masters degree in engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Kurt is a highly accomplished international financier who has held various leadership roles in some of the world’s largest financial institutions. He was managing director and head of Asia equity derivatives trading at Barclays and HSBC. He has several years’ experience in using complex math and applying the same to financial markets.
Kurt has a Bachelor of Science from Trinity College, Connecticut.

Sujit is the Asia Pacific Credit Portfolio Manager within Corporate and Investment Bank at JPMorgan. He has earlier worked in various risk management roles within JPMorgan, where he has applied his quantitative skills to evaluating and managing risks within corporate and institutional clients and financial markets.
Sujit is an electrical engineer from IIT Madras, MBA from IIM Calcutta and has a Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF).

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