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(Grades 6-12)

  Comprehend – truly understand math concepts

  Connect – make links, with the math and with your peers

  Compete – push yourself to excel!

We’ve got you covered – just get with the program

Get a GRIP on Math


Epic visuals combined with whiteboard animation that break down math theories to deliver impactful learning

with problem solving

Massive questions database with graded problems that can be accessed during a module or after as revision

with peers

Interactive platform that makes after school learning a social experience so learners can compete and stay focused

your skills

Adaptive learning within a structured framework, combined with passion is the best recipe for math excellence

What is the πcirql approach?

Breaking down complex thoughts and ideas into simple and easy-to-understand concepts, making math less abstract and more intuitive. Our fundamental belief is that a strong foundation with a focus on the basics will result in amazing long-term results. We want to raise the global math quotient so that learners understand math concepts in a way that is lasting and applicable in life and beyond.

The πcirql program is based on the GRIP approach to math. GRIP encapsulates key criteria for effective learning – grasping concepts, regular problem solving, interactive platform that engenders competition and better performance and perfecting skills. Daily video lessons and associated practice questions plans give learners a path to progression so they can learn at their own pace. Periodic evaluations to parents and learners provide detailed feedback. This is a crucial element of the learning process. Our math-focused learning network drives competition and motivates learners to get better.

If you don’t love something, you will never get really good at it – that is really what drives learning at πcirql. Another core philosophy at πcirql is the power of compounding. The only way to master mathematical concepts is through consistent effort.πcirql aims to revolutionize math learning using technology as a key enabler.The πcirql math program relies on quick modules that capture the attention of learners and consistent problem solving that sharpen the concepts covered during the module.

What our learners and parents say about us….

The examples are very nice!

Abhijith SrinivasanGrade 8 student from India

picirql is an amazing website and the videos are excellent and the revision questions are nice!!!! Happy

KaushikStudent, Chennai

Awesome videos that explain concepts very well...

ShrijaaStudent from India

Solved examples are explained really well...

AnanyaStudent, P.S. Senior Secondary School

picirql - an amazing website that makes learning maths more fun! You'll love the concept of friends, messaging and getting rewards! BEST MATHS WEBSITE EVER!

Spoorthi RaoStudent from Chennai, India

picirql helps me improve my general knowledge!

AadithyaGrade 8, P.S. Senior Secondary School, India

It simplifies math - picirql has simple examples that we are able to understand

Darshana BalakrishnanStudent from Chennai

The graphics are great...

Aryan SreeramStudent from Chennai, India

Picirql is friendly and encouraging - it helps visualize math concepts

Fatma Al ZahraP.S. Senior Secondary School, India

It's very nice - picirql simplifies math and I am able to understand tough topics too. It's like understanding through a story.

Ananya S.K.Grade 8 student, P.S. Senior Secondary School

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