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  • Flipped classroom with 1000+ math learning videos (Grades 6-12)
  • 500,000+ practice questions with solutions
  • Curriculum aligned content – IB, IGCSE, CBSE
  • Benchmarks and weekly evaluation reports







Rigorous Math. Gamified.

World’s best online inter-school national math competition

Compete with the best math schools in the world!

Don’t get left behind!




Give your school the COMPASS advantage!

An Essential Tool for the Math Classroom of the future

  • Virtual Classroom with video lessons
  • Practice and testing from a repository of 500,000+ questions
  • Class and student level reports and analytics
  • Benchmarking across schools giving institutions the ability to differentiate themselves on math preparedness





Fun Math

Remember the time you were really good at these maths quizzes?

How would you fare now?

Take a minute to find out…

It’s easy, fun and you earn bragging rights too!

What our parents & learners say about us…

Clash of Pi is a great learning experience and helps me do well with the competitive exams.

Himasree Penmetsa Student from Silver Oaks International, Hyderabad

The competition gives me an idea about my position and so I have to improve my Maths skills and try to manage time while solving questions.

Pallabi Debnath Student from Shri Shikshayatan School, Kolkata

The examples are very nice!

Abhijith SrinivasanGrade 8 student from India

Videos are very good and help to apply the concepts learnt in school. Questions are also very thoughtful and helps one to think and apply concepts well. I am sure many students will benefit.

Shrihari KarthikStudent - Grade 6, PSBB K K Nagar, Chennai

"piCirql is one the best ways to learn maths. It makes our concepts clear and I love the graphics. Clash of Pi is exciting as we get to know our level among our group. "

Rishit VermaStudent from CMR NPS, Bangalore

It was an amazing experience to play this fabulous game of maths. Its pretty awesome as I learned the level of competition and also my level of proficiency in mathematics.

Apeech ShrivastavaStudent from Navy Children School, Mumbai

The questions are quite interesting and does make you think out of the box. I appreciate the creativity of the questions.

Sanjay ChintapallyStudent from Oakridge International School, Newton Campus

picirql - an amazing website that makes learning maths more fun! You'll love the concept of friends, messaging and challenges! BEST MATHS WEBSITE EVER!

Spoorthi RaoStudent from Chennai, India

Clash of Pi is very helpful and gives us a concept of online exams.

Ayanka GhoshStudent from Shri Shikshayatan School, Kolkata

Clash Of Pi helps me to improve my standards of math. I am able to improve my timings in Math by being able to do sums much faster than ever before

Sriharikrishna SeshadriStudent, NPS (HSR Layout)

piCirql helps me improve my general knowledge!

AadithyaGrade 8, P.S. Senior Secondary School, India

Awesome videos that explain concepts very well...

ShrijaaStudent from India

Thanks for giving me a new outlook on math! I no longer look at math as a burden but as something I enjoy doing. It's awesome, really!!

NaomiStudent from India

This website is real fun and interesting. It’s amazing that in just one week, I can get a good grasp of a new math concept and can’t wait to learn more!

Sanjana ReddyStudent from Singapore

"Clash of Pi is a competitive exam that enhances a child's logical thinking and IQ level. I think it really helps increasing the mathematical ability. "

Tejal Student, Lotus Valley International School, Gurgaon

"Clash of Pi is a very helpful exam which helps a student to understand the quality of online math exams and how to be ready to face them. "

Achirangshu DakuaStudent from Don Bosco, Siliguri

"Clash of Pi is really good. It gives children good opportunity to show their talent. "

Vedika Student from Meridian school, Kukatpally

The graphics are great...

Aryan SreeramStudent from Chennai, India

I like picirql a lot as it has enriched my learning of maths and has intrigued me to lot of new concepts. It has taught many topics which were unknown to me until now. Thanks picirql!

Gokul R.NPS - HSR, Bangalore

It's innovative and fun..I like the way we get to show our competence in Maths all across the nation!

Sashank RavipatiStudent, Silver Oaks International, Hyderabad

It simplifies math - picirql has examples that we are able to understand

Darshana BalakrishnanStudent from Chennai

Clash of Pi helps me know where I stand among others. It's an amazing platform to compete with others.

Alind SharmaStudent from DPS Gurgaon

Serious math taught in a fun way. Perfect solution to math anxiety!

VinayParent from Kuala Lumpur

piCirql has a positive affect on my math learning. Well...you are the best.

Anish SubashStudent from CMR NPS, Bangalore

picirql is an amazing website and the videos are excellent and the revision questions are nice!!!! Happy

KaushikStudent, Chennai

This site is just awesome.These many years Maths was frightening as its concepts were complex and tough. But piCirql has made me enter the giant wheel of maths happily.I enjoy Maths now.

Venkata JayanarayanStudent, P.S. Senior Secondary School

Clash of Pi helps me think fast and accurately . Now I can answer the questions much faster.

Subham KarmakarStudent from Don Bosco School, Siliguri

The concepts are presented in a fun way that makes my child want to go back and learn. I love the fact that problem solving is enforced.

BhavnaParent from Houston

The Clash of Pi format is really nice. It helps us to know how to quickly comprehend questions and solve them. Overall, I believe it's a great platform for young enthusiasts.

Prakul AgrawalStudent, DPS Gurgaon

It is amazing, especially for a person like me who wants to be a mathemetician . The practice questions and contests make it fun.

Ravi AroraGrade 6 student - NPS HSR, Bangalore

Solved examples are explained really well...

AnanyaStudent, P.S. Senior Secondary School

PiCirql helps me understand concepts better with the help of the videos. One thing I like is that the practice questions never repeat. I also love the Clash of Pi, it tells you where you stand amongst your friends!

Archita HothurGrade 9 student from NPS HSR, Bangalore

"It's a fun way to see where I stand against my peers."

Tejaswi PolimetlaStudent, Oakridge International School (Newton Campus)

"The competitions instill competitiveness and help you improve."

Aishwarya IyerStudent from Deens Academy, Whitefield

PiCirql is doing a great job. I am improving day by day in Maths!

Parth KulkarniStudent at Primus Public School, Bangalore

It's very nice - piCirql simplifies math and I am able to understand tough topics too. It's like understanding through a story.

Ananya S.K.Grade 8 student, P.S. Senior Secondary School

piCirql is friendly and encouraging - it helps visualize math concepts

Fatma Al ZahraP.S. Senior Secondary School, India

Clash of Pi helps me know where I stand among others. It's an amazing platform to compete with others.

Sankhalp N. S.Student from CS Academy, Coimbatore

Clash of Pi gives us a platform where we can test out skills. Questions were beyond our level which was positive as it helps enhance our knowledge.

Rakshit GargStudent from Maharaja Agarsain Public School (CAM), Ashok Vihar

piCirql is very interesting! It makes learning easy with fun videos and real life examples. I love it!

KahaniStudent from Houston, USA
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